Gail first trained in First Degree Reiki in 2000, she completed her Master Degree and Teacher Practitioner qualifications with Martine Moorby in Harrogate.  Gail is proud to be part of the Usui Reiki lineage in the UK following Martine.

She offers Reiki treatments of an hour using a crystal grid and a pendulum along with some hands on work.  £35.00 for the hour.

Reiki is a form of Japanese energy healing which comes from Shinto and Tendoi Buddhism The recipient does their own healing with a Reiki practitioner being the 'connection' to the life force energy. Treatments are performed on a treatment couch or chair with the client fully clothed. 

Reiki is about moving more into a state of balance on all levels whether it be with health problems, change in beliefs and attitudes, making decisions that have been put off or ignored and realisation of one's true values.  It works alongside the human energy field to make changes on the physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual level. 

Gail takes clients Tuesdays 1.00-9.00pm, Wednesdays and Thursdays 10.00am-4.00pm. For a consultation please use the contact page.

Gail also runs "Introduction to Reiki" workshops which are £15 per person. Please keep a look out on the events page for the next session. The events are for people who want to explore Reiki.  They are fun, informal sessions which discover more about chakras, auric fields, energy, the background and benefits of Reiki.  The sessions go no way towards a qualification in Reiki. If one was to go and book a First Degree course the £15 fee is redeemable against the qualification.

Reiki Courses and Attunements
Gail also teaches Reiki First and Second Degree courses, attunements and empowerments of six students maximum from her studios.  The courses are always at weekends and are usually four times a year. If you would like to be sent an information pack please use the contact page on the front page of this website.  For dates and prices please see the courses page.

Please note that if you have chosen to study an online course elsewhere and contact us for an attunement - this is something that we do not offer.  Reiki is passed from Master to Student and cannot be learned from a book, it is very different to other healing methods. Please contact your own training provider. 

Mikao Usui (pictured above)

​Reiki Therapy