Adult & Children's Mindfulness 

Mindfulness has its roots fixed deeply in Buddhism, The East, Reiki amongst other practises and martial arts. It has been around since 500BC and is not a new concept.  In the West, we seem to have to contextualise the practices to make them fit into our culture, curriculum, legislation and Mindfulness has become a buzzword.

Mindfulness is a philosophy and discipline that is to be enjoyed and studied, not owned but shared. Gail has practised Mindfulness and Meditation for seventeen years in her Reiki work.  She has qualified as a Mindfulness Practitioner, Coach and Meditation Teacher over the years to allow her work to reach children, teens and adults who perhaps may not have had access to such practices in the past.

She then went on to spearhead her centre becoming an accredited Mindfulness and Meditation teaching centre to train others to share Mindfulness. The courses are designed by Gail and information about them can be found on the courses page on this website. They are available as distance learning (56 hours) for those who cannot take 2 days off work or taught over 1 day in the centre over consecutive months plus a minimum of 45+ hours home study. For each option there is a 12 month deadline to complete.

They are open to anyone who would like to further their own personal development to be able to share to others.  This year we have taught teaching staff from local schools, mental health nurses, stay at home Mums, child health team Managers, senior Lecturers, people wanting a career change into the well-being industry, the unemployed, after school club managers, beauty therapists, EFT specialists, Dental staff, Hypnotherapists and childcare workers. 

Gail offers a six week programme for anyone who needs change in their lives.  She teaches about mindfulness, its concepts, how to connect with yourself, stress, anxiety, the brain, the memory, depression, the nervous system, the ego, Reiki, Meditation, self care etc... 

For her Mindfulness workshop dates please see events page. 

Gail has also written an online mindfulness course £49 for people who want to dip their toe in at home or on the go.  Please use contact page on the front page of this website for information.

The centre staff also travel to schools to hold staff training and support staff to embed Mindfulness and Meditation across school/business.  We are happy to travel into schools and hold our classes, provide resources for the whole school in small hourly groups.

The centre also hold Mindfulness morning workshops once a month on a Saturday for those wanting to find out about Mindfulness.

Gail also is available as a guest speaker on mental health, Mindfulness and Meditation.  2017 saw her visiting The Lighthouse in Harrogate and the W.I Harrogate Rascals to speak. She has appeared on BBC Look North for her work in schools, she writes and blogs for magazines and she is a volunteer for the global Mindfulness movement Street Wisdom. 2018 so far she has spoken at Carers' Resource and WI Dallowgill.

In June 2018 Gail set up and volunteers at The Mindfulness Cafe @ Oliver's Pantry in Ripon - Monthly evening sessions and travels out to the community for Carers' Resources to deliver meditation and relaxation hourly sessions to groups.

Gail is currently an Ambassador for Psychologies magazine inspiring others to make changes through their Life Leap Club through her mentoring and blogging.

For any other enquiries or further information please use our contact page (front of website).