Corporate mindfulness coaching

Mindfulness coaching in business has been proven to improve:

  • staff motivation
  • staff morale
  • individual goal setting
  • autonomy for own goal setting
  • staff retention
  • staff relationships
  • embeds respect
  • production 
  • concentration
  • creativity

Gail has teaching and coaching qualifications and offers in house mindfulness coaching for staff.

Coaching is a series of conversations, which focus on the individual while give the coachee autonomy and responsibility to come up with agreed personal actions to meet goals.

Coaching does not take the place of therapy or counselling.  Coaching is related to a work/school environment and can enhance morale, motivation and productivity and reduce staff turnover as individuals feel valued and connected with both small and large organisational changes. 

Coaching programmes generally prove to be popular amongst employees as coaching achieves a balance between fulfilling organisational goals and objectives whilst taking into account the personal development needs of individual employees. It is a two-way relationship with both the organisation and the employee gaining significant benefits.

There is also an increasing trend for individuals to take greater responsibility for their personal & professional development and even those who are employed in large organisations are no longer relying on employers to provide them with all or their career development needs. 

An initial meeting starts the process to build rapport and to find out what the client would like to work on. A series of six sessions follow with an individual review on session 3.   All conversations are documented and actions agreed sent to client via email.

Meditation and mindfulness team building activities are often fun during training events.  

Meditation and mindfulness clubs or classes are available for staff while at work.

Please contact us for more details and our rates.

Corporate mindfulness coaching

"It is amazing how far you are willing to go when someone believes in you"