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Yoga, Pilates, Meditation & The Zen Den

We are currently closed for face to face classes and hoping to re-open May 2021.


Risk Assessment Changes August 2020 (Coronavirus COVID-19)

Before attending

All visitors will receive via email a new COVID-19 related screening questionnaire from their instructor, visitors are advised to print off, sign and return for insurance purposes. Instructor to have paper copies on site but must sanitise pens first. Questions and terms and conditions to include:

Have you had a recent onset of a new and continuous cough?
Do you have a high temperature?
Have you noticed a loss of, or change in, normal sense of taste or smell?
If so, however mild advise visitors to stay at home and do not attend
Any visitors who are feeling unwell or displaying symptoms must not attend and self-isolate in lines with Government Guidelines.
Any visitor that tests positive for COVID-19 must inform us.
Privacy notice if filming is going ahead

Keeping us all safe - We will be temporarily documenting any visitor attendance for 21 days that is manageable for the business and assist NHS Test and Trace requests.  Form is located in the Risk Assessment folder.

Any staff or clients who are feeling unwell or displaying symptoms must not attend and self-isolate in lines with Government Guidelines. Any staff feeling unwell or displaying symptoms must not attend and self-isolate in lines with Government Guidelines.  Any staff who tests positive for COVID-19 must inform us.

We will be displaying a notification in the business and on the website that we are complying with the government’s guidance on managing the risk of COVID-19.  

During classes/workshops/courses

No cash payments.

Studios have signs and posters to build awareness of good handwashing techniques, the need to increase handwashing frequency and to avoid touching your face, and to cough or sneeze into a tissue which is binned safely, or into your arm if a tissue is not available.  We also have multiple hand sanitising locations. The posters provide clear guidance on expected visitor behaviours, social distancing, hygiene, arrival and signage.

We will keep studio well ventilated with a floor standing fan and fixing open windows.

We have considered who is essential to be on site – smaller classes and instructors working from home via Zoom and videoing in class.

We will not provide mats, blocks or any exercise equipment – visitors are invited to bring their own and are responsible for cleaning them. Visitors are asked to wear socks when they are off their mat/visiting the bathroom.

We will be operating smaller class sizes to accommodate the current social distancing measures.  Visitors asked to arrive at their scheduled time (avoid being early and congregating in pinch points).  Zoom classes will be simultaneously  going ahead in certain classes.

Visitors are asked to avoid bringing lots of personal belongs.

Weather permitting, the studio door to be left open to avoid touching of the door handle and for ventilation purposes.

On arrival everyone must wash/sanitise hands and avoid touching their face where possible.

No physical greetings

Face masks and coverings are not required by law but visitors are invited to bring and wear their own should they wish.

Visitors are asked to stay on their own mat within the socially distanced taped area.

Instructors will also adhere with their individual governing body guidelines.

Music kept low at all time to avoid shouting or raised voices.

For all training courses where it is not possible to adhere to social distancing participants providing the service should wear a clear visor that covers the face to provide a barrier between the wearer and the model from respiratory droplets caused by sneezing, coughing or speaking. The visor must fit, be worn properly covering the forehead, extend below the chin and wrap around the side of the face.  

Instructors and visitors are to keep to social distancing where possible and no adjustments to yoga/pilates class members.

Clients are asked to bring their own equipment and drinking bottle. We will not supply water/glasses/bottles to regular classes, only workshop guests.

If anyone becomes ill or begins to display symptoms they must leave immediately. Any coughs or sneezes must be caught in a tissue and disposed of.

All massage beds and equipment to be washed in between models, new towels, couch roll (no eye pillows) and blankets for each client.

All laundry washed at 60 degrees and dried through. Encourage participants to work back to back where possible.


Bathroom use – visitors are invited to wipe down any surfaces they touch with bleach spray and paper towel before they leave and to wash their hands. No queueing in small recess leading to the bathroom.

Breaks on workshops/courses

All food consumed on the premises must be in plastic containers with disposable cutlery.

Guests are asked to wash their hands before and after eating.                               

We will not provide tea towels, use only paper towel to dry cups and glasses.

Breaks should be encouraged outdoors keeping to the social distancing measures in place.

Room sink and draining board need to be wiped down with bleach spray and paper towel after use.


No physical goodbyes, all rubbish put in bins and double bagged. All hirers using their own equipment for courses must disinfect their equipment before putting it away or stacking it. Disposable gloves and aprons provided.

All visitors must wash their hands or sanitise on leaving.

Staff are advised to change their clothes before leaving.


Studios will be cleaned on a morning before sessions begin where possible with detergents for enveloped viruses and steam. We will be paying attention to touch points. Our floor is steam cleaned, door handles, touch points and surfaces wiped with bleach spray and paper roll. Toilets will be cleaned with bleach spray and paper roll. Rubbish will be double bagged and disposed in skip. Disposable gloves, aprons, paper roll, paper towels, extra bins, hand sanitiser and anti-bacterial hand wash available for all staff.

Any Health & Safety incidents must be reported to Gail Donnan.