Mindfulness and meditation are one and the same. In this increasingly busy world, we tend to spend a lot of time doing, that we spend very little time being.  Mindfulness trains the mind to experience exactly where you are now.  It helps you pay attention to other human beings and your environment rather than being in auto pilot mode.

The left hand side of the brain is constantly thinking, planning, reliving the past or procrastinating the future, this can be a big contributor to anxiety and depression.  Mindfulness gives the left hand side of the brain a rest and uses the right hand side or the being part of the brain.  Mindfulness is being aware of ourselves - how we react to other people, stressful situations and emotions. It teaches us to just observe our thoughts and emotions and gives ourselves space to take the appropriate action. It is about making friends with the moment however it appears and living as if we had chosen it. Many of us spend so much time resisting things in our lives to get to another point that we think will be better.  The key is to enjoy life now in the present moment and to practise on a daily basis even for five minutes a day.  This will enable us to cope with and build resilience to what ever life throws at us.

Our classes last an hour and cost £5 per person.  

They are held on Monday evenings bi-weekly at The Salvation Army, Lead Lane, Ripon, HG4 2NE 

Please try and book as we sometimes get busy.

Adult Meditation Classes

"It is not what you look at that matters, it is what you" H.D Thore​au